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    Regarding the "brainstorming" session between DAS/DOC: Members, Well, I made it into that meeting yesterday, but only briefly. I am saddened to report that I was not welcome and asked to leave as it was for managers only.

    Ms. Steward, With all due respect, the Department you lead is in dire straights with all the issues Workday has caused, I have spent the last few days attempting to get answers and resolve for my members who have not been paid, over paid, the list goes on and on. So to incorporate some of our thoughts on your Destination 2026, I do believe it contains some info on staff wellness, correct.

    Members, This is taking far too long to get fixed. I would like to request that each member that has not received payment from the 1st or the 15th, regardless of situation, you file a complaint with Oregon BOLI. It will only help us in moving forward to address this situation.  http://oregon.

    Members, I just wanted to touch base about the latest chaos with our pay. I want you to know that every email inquiry I received in both my President's email and DOC email, has been printed and is receiving attention. I had no idea how colossal this event was going to be, so my normal personal response to each member would not get out timelier than an all message broadcast.

    Members, The DOC notified us of this payroll change set to begin with our January paycheck. They still don't have our stubs up for our viewing, but I have received notification from a couple of members whose pending direct deposits are showing and they are either way too short or way too much.

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