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Jan Payroll Issue
Dec 29, 2022


The DOC notified us of this payroll change set to begin with our January paycheck. They still don't have our stubs up for our viewing, but I have received notification from a couple of members whose pending direct deposits are showing and they are either way too short or way too much. So, that being said, until we get to the bottom of this, if you receive an overpayment, please set it aside. It's not your job to try and figure out how to calculate what that looks like. So if some of it is spent, this not being our fault, they will be forced to accommodate a repayment plan on our terms. Also, for some of the newer staff  that started this month, the system shows it paid the entire month, which will also cause an overpayment since the whole month, wasn't worked. I know that our payroll staff that work with the institution's time keepers are going to receive a lot of calls, but this is out of their hands. Please feel free to contact Ken Baldwin and Gail Levario as they are at the head of this payroll project to express your issue, disregard, frustration, etc. Please know that this is at the top of my agenda right now and I will be in contact with all the parties in charge of this project ensuring we receive what is due to us. 

(please let me know if you have an issue with your check as I want to keep track of the number of members impacted by this.)

Any questions feel free to reach out,


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